On Beauty and Saying Thank You: A night at Birchbox’s NYFW Sample Stop

Making business a personal experience has long been at the top of my mind, and more so than ever since I started to work for Gary Vaynerchuk, author of The Thank You Economy.  And while that may be an easier task for small brands than large, very few companies give back to their customers quite like Birchbox.

I was lucky enough to attend their New York Fashion Week Sample Stop with my dear friend Alana.  We were beside ourselves with excitement after days of watching the event via instagram and Twitter, but even that didn’t prepare us for the delectable Beauty Wonderland we found inside the Meatpacking District pop up shop.  I spent some time in my former life as a meticulous event planner, and I can say with absolute sincerity that there was nothing I would have done differently.  It was, in a word, perfect.

You can’t fake these smiles. (photo via @Birchbox on Instagram)

Upon arrival, guests were given empty Birchboxes, a glass of champagne, and the order to go to the sample wall, which featured rows of beauty treats and candy.  Each girl could fill a bag of candy to snack on, and pick out 4-5 of her favorite samples.  This task was the Sophie’s Choice of the beauty world, but I’m giddy with my final selection of products I’ve been dying to try but was too gun-shy to buy.

The Sample Wall: good enough to eat!

Can’t wait to use everything in my box. TOMORROW!

Next, you could take an hors d’ourvres from trays that never seemed to empty and get your name on the list for beauty treatments: brow shaping from the Benefit Brow Bar, manicures and nail art from Color Club, makeover from Fresh, and hair by Aveda.  I got my first ever brow shaping (less painful than expected!) and some “crazy,” nail art (though, keep in mind, my idea of “crazy” nails is coral or hot pink.)  Alana got what they called the trifecta: brows, nails, and a fabulous Betty Draper inspired updo.

Alana gets styled by the gentlemen of Aveda.

Finally, we were treated to a concert from my new musical obsession, Tristan Prettyman.  Her performance was nothing short of a delight, and I can’t wait to pick up her new record this fall.

Tristan Prettyman went straight onto my Spotify playlist.

If I sound like I’m glowing, well, I am.  I simply can’t say enough good about this wonderful company.  I’ve been a devoted fan of Birchbox for a year now, but after seeing such a huge gesture of thanks to their customers, I plan to shop in their store as exclusively as I can.  Thank you to Katia and all of the wonderful Birchbox girls!

Are you a Birchbox subscriber?  If yes, what’s the best product you’ve received?

Nail art and Champagne in front of the Color Club manicure station

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